About Us

Best Solution for your Architectural and Interior Design

Glitz Lines is a full-service provider for turnkey, high-end, luxury interior design. We will deliver beauty and luxury in combination with functionality.Glitz Lines and his staff have been designing the interiors and exteriors of some of the world‚ most magnificent homes and businesses for the past eight years

Glitz Lines is headquartered in Dubai. A dedicated team of eleven talented and accomplished professionals works together on each project. Their knowledge and experience range across architecture, construction, engineering, textiles and the history of design.

Our team effort assures results that satisfy the necessities and sensibilities of even the most sophisticated and style-aware. We have created beautiful designs for private homes, public spaces, hotels and restaurants. We designed some of the most technologically intensive facilities across the United Arab Emirates.

A majority of this works includes extensive expansions and renovations, as well as new buildings and development plans for projects varying in scope and intricacy. Glitz Lines is proud to lay claim to great experience and influence. From UAE, to the opulence of the Middle East,Glitz Lines creates unique spaces with personal attention and professional service.

The majority of our work has been through repeat commissions for long-term clients. We believe that this is the best indication of a firm‚ ability to understand and successfully respond to the objectives and challenges that define each individual project.